Certification Stamps

Justice of the Peace stamps

We manufacture certification stamps in all types and sizes for JP’s, Notary Publics and Solicitors. We also make up JP name and registration number stamps in both regular rubber and self-inking. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the samples below, call fax or email us with the details you would like on your stamp.

Sample Layouts

  • IP20
  • 2P30
  • 3P30
  • 4P40
  • 5P50
  • 6P50
  • 7P60
  • 8P60
  • 9P50
  • 10P50
  • 11P50
  • 12P50
  • 13P50
  • 14P55
  • 15R50
  • 16R50
  • 17P60
  • 18P60

For more information or to order a JP/Solicitor Stamp, please contact us