Embossing Seals

Desk Embosser

Mainly used by Notary Publics and Solicitors for security on official documents embossing presses are available in two different styles, your choice depends on your requirements and convenience. The smaller option is the Ideal desk embosser made from light weight steel with a 40mm marstonite (plastic) die. The die can be engraved with just about any design and is usually available in around 2-3 working days. The Ideal embosser also makes a very unique gift for the person who has everything, you can have it made with name and address details for embossing personal or business stationary. Great for wedding stationary as well. $171.05 including GST.

The other option is the Long Reach embosser, a sturdy metal design with a 40mm marstonite (plastic) die. This machine can reach anywhere on a sheet of A4 paper, and is also available in 2-3 working days. $325.63 including GST.

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