Self Inking

Made from durable and extremely light plastic these stamps do not require a seperate ink pad, the pad is mounted inside the stamp. A no mess solution for your stamping needs…you can stamp text, logos, artwork…. anything you can imagine! All sorts of sizes are available – rectangular, square, oval and round. The best thing about a self inking stamp is after thousands of impressions you ‘pop in’ a replacement pad and stamp thousands more. And if you change your mind about the details on your stamp we can manufacture a new rubber die for your machine…..simple! Ink pad colours are black, red, blue, green or violet. Contact us to discuss your order and ideas for any special requirements.

Standard Sizes

  • P10……10x27mm
  • P20……14x38mm
  • P25……15x75mm
  • P30……18x47mm
  • P40……23x58mm
  • P45……25x82mm
  • P50……30x69mm
  • P55……40x60mm
  • P60……37x76mm
Self Inking

Square Sizes

  • Q17……17x17mm
  • Q24……24x24mm
  • Q30……31x31mm
  • Q43……43x43mm
Self Inking

Round Sizes

Printer R12……12mm

Most round designs are fitted to a square stamp, however due to a high demand for the loyalty card type stamp we stock and supply the conveniently sized R12. Used mainly for stamping loyalty cards this tiny stamp is about the size of a woman’s lipstick

Self Inking

Metal Sizes

  • 2100……24x41mm
  • 2200……24x45mm
  • 2300……30x45mm
  • 2400……27x58mm
  • 2600……37x58mm
  • 2800……49x68mm
Many prefer the strength and robust qualities of the metal self inkingstamp, these stamps are built to withstand the heaviest hands. Tougher than tough and built to handle difficult situations the metal self inker is suited to both the office and the field.


Trodat 5211

We now stock the newTrodat 5211 self-inking stamp (pictured right). This is the largest self-inker available with a huge 85mm x 55mm text plate…available ink colours are black, red, blue, green and violet.

Trodat 5211

Self Inking Pads

We stock most brands of replacement ink pads for most styles of self inking stamps. If you find that after thousands of impressions your image is starting to fade, simply push out your old pad and slide in a new one! Pads are inexpensive and easy to fit. Available in black, red, blue, green and violet. ‘2 colour’ pads are also available for self inking date stamps.

Stock Stamps

These self inking stamps are pre-made and stocked on our shelves in our city store. We have compiled a list of the most requested titles for our stock stamps.

The rubber dies are fitted to a Shiny S-822 self inking stamp, and are available in black, red , blue, green or violet for the low price of $13.00 plus GST. The plate size for Shiny S-822 is 14mm x 38mm, if you need a larger stamp we will suggest a suitable self inker and send you a written quotation.


For more information or to order any of the products above, please contact us